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Live Bac Bo

£1.00 - £1,000.00

  • Minimum bet: £1
  • Maximum bet: £1000
  • RTP: 98.87%

In this unique game of dice, go head-to-head with the Banker and see if you can come out on top. Your graceful host will guide you through the game in a traditional and elegant setting.


In Bac Bo, both your score, and Banker’s, are made up of the sum of two dice, and the resulting two numbers are added together. The highest two-dice total, wins. The aim of the game is to predict which hand will have the highest two-dice total. You can bet on yourself (the player), the Banker, or for a dead tie.


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Bac Bo is played with four dice: two for the player and two for the banker. Each die is placed in an individual automatic shaker on the surface of the gaming table. During betting time, all dice start shaking at once. The dice come to a stop at different times, when the last of the four dice has come to rest, the winner is declared. The aim of the game is to predict which hand will win by having the highest two-dice total. You can bet on player, banker, and tie.



Bac Bo streaks and trends for either the player or the banker are recorded in various scoreboards. These pictorial representations of past rounds may be of help to you in predicting the results of future rounds. The Bead Road and Big Road display the results of each past round, while the Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road display patterns derived from the Big Road.

Bead Road

Each cell in the Bead Road represents the result of a past round, the result of the earliest round is recorded in the upper left corner, read the column downwards all the way to the bottom; then start at the top of the adjacent column to the right and so forth. A solid red cell indicates a banker win. A solid blue cell represents a player win. A solid golden cell represents a tie.

Big Road

In the Big Road, the result of the earliest round is recorded in the upper left corner. A new column is created each time the banker’s winning streak changes in favour of the player, or vice versa. A cell outlined in red indicates a banker win. A cell outlined in blue indicates a player win. A tie is recorded as a golden line through the cell for the preceding round. If the first round is a tie, the golden line will appear first, and the red or blue outline will appear around the line once the player or banker wins a round. If there are two or more consecutive tie rounds, the number on the line will show the number of ties.

Derived Roads

For the true Bac Bo enthusiast, the Big Eye Road, Small Road, and Cockroach Road are included to display patterns derived from past results recorded in the Big Road. The Big Eye Road uses outlined circles, the Small Road uses solid circles, and the Cockroach Road uses slashes. However, in these derived roads, the colours red and blue do not correspond to the banker and player wins, and there is no way to discern ties or pairs. In derived roads, red entries are a sign of repetition, whereas blue entries signal more uneven game results.