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Live Baccarat Squeeze

£5.00 - £5,000.00


  • Box limit: £5 - £5000
  • Side Bets: £1 - £2500
  • Opening times: 24/7
  • RTP: 98.94%


Live Baccarat Squeeze is perfect for players who love the ritual of slowly revealing the cards, with more than 15 cameras covering the action. HD presentation allows you that tantalizing glimpse at the cards as the dealer reveals the hand. 

There are always seats at the table, which otherwise follows the classic rules of the popular card game – bet on Bank, Player or Tie in a pure gambling game that ramps up the suspense. Will you call it right? 

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Baccarat Squeeze Rules 

Pick one of the chips at the start of the game to place it on the board. Then the game begins. There are three possible outcomes from a round of baccarat. You will need to choose which hand will emerge as the winner between the Player or Banker or will it all end with a tie.  

Game History 

All previous wins of the game are recorded on the game history panel, which is quite useful for players who wish to know which cards have already been drawn. Use this option at your convenience.