Clockwork Oranges

Race against the clock for top slot prizes.

You're on the clock with big prizes on the line in the fruitiest slot game around.

Spin the colourful reels and flood the reels with oranges to advance to the special Clock round, giving you the chance to earn up to twenty times your original bet.

Clockwork Oranges is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot game with wild symbols, scatters, bonus features and more.

Your aim is to land 5 identical symbols along a win line. Winning combinations start on the first reel on the left and run along an active win line to the last reel on the right in the regular game.

To win, the symbols must lie next to each other without any other symbols between them.

The 'WILD' symbol substitutes all symbols except for the Scatter symbol.

3 Scatter symbols (Orange) gets the winnings clock ticking.

Feature When an orange has landed on reels 1 and 3, there will be an extra long spin on the 5th reel in order to draw out the sense of excitement and feeling of anticipation that the feature might be about to be won.

Trigger: 3 scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5.

Description: With the level decided, the main feature screen is presented via a transition effect, the hands used in the feature will be spotted onto the clock one at a time with a sound, and the feature commences.

The feature screen consists of a clock with various fruit symbols in each of the 12 positions (these are the same for every feature), and a prize table on the right-hand side.

The hand(s) of the clock will spin and stop on fruit symbols which are added to the prize table. As soon as three of the same symbols have been lit, the corresponding prize is paid.

The fruit symbols for that award will now be removed from the prize table so the player can start collecting them again for more wins. This continues until one or more awards have been achieved.

The awards are added to the player's credit, displayed in the button area.

At this point the feature may or may not continue in pursuit of more wins.

The feature, when in progress will continue until the next win is awarded; it cannot stop half-way through adding symbols.

When the feature ends, a banner will be shown which will show the total won from the feature.

When playing a one-hand feature it is only possible to complete one award at a time, but with a two or three-hand feature it will be possible to complete more than one win from a spin.

The prizes are shown as multiples of the total bet at all times because the player can bet between 1 and 20 lines on the base game.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Return to player = 95.07%