Dazzling Diamonds

Come and see some of the most precious and flawless stones you'll ever lay your eyes on. When they say dazzling, they really mean it. Radiant rings, superb sapphires, etched emeralds, gleaming gold watches... it's five reels and ten win-lines of precious gem opulence.

With the right moves and a little luck you will get the icons in the correct order and win luxurious bonuses. To win on Dazzling Diamonds, the symbols have to lie side by side, with no other symbols in between. Scatter symbols win in every position.

Not enough rocks for you? Why not take it up with the Diamond Queen?

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To play Dazzling Diamonds click on the 'Play' button. Dazzling Diamonds will open in a new window. You will be shown all positions on the machine. Select by clicking one of the positions which does not show as 'Position taken'. Now you need to place your bet. Determine with the help of the slider how much you would like to bet in this game. The next step is to set how high your bet per line should be. With the "+ / -" symbol you can easily adjust this. With the 'Start' button you can start the individual spins, with the 'Auto start' button the spins start automatically, and by clicking 'Auto start' again you can end the automatic starts.


If you have won with a spin, you can decide whether you would like to book the winnings directly on your account, or if you would like to 'gamble' it. With a little luck you can double your winnings with a gamble! If you would like to gamble, simply press the 'Gamble' button to start the 'Gamble' game. If you do not want to gamble, just press the 'Bank' button.


With the 'Winnings' button you can see your winning overview. Here you can also see the calculation of your win possibilities depending on the amount of your bet.

This game has a Return to Player of 95.42%