Dr Evil World Domination

  • Min stake: 20p
  • Max stake: £500
  • Max Payout: £250,000.00
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 20
  • Special features: Lunar Lasers Bonus, Magma Meltdown Bonus, Jackpocalypse Bonus


This slot gives you the chance to become a henchman of the iconic idiot Dr Evil, as you team up to hold the world to Ransom. Dr Evil has moved on from sharks with frickin’ lasers to more destructive toys, can you use them to convince the world to pay up?

This 20 payline slot pays ties into the Austin Powers trilogy of hilarious spy spoofs, with ridiculous, but rewarding bonus rounds and comic cameos from old favourites like Goldmember, Mr Bigglesworth and the ever-disappointing Scott.

The Bonus Trigger

To trigger the three bonuses, you must collect 3 ‘scatter’ symbols on reels. You can also activate the Jackpocalypse Bonus randomly with increasing likelihood based on the amount staked.

  • 3 x symbols wins “Lunar Lasers Bonus”
  • 4 x symbols wins “Magma Meltdown Bonus”
  • 5 x symbols wins “Jackpocalypse Bonus”


Lunar Lasers Bonus

You are transitioned to Dr Evil’s Lunar Lasers and presented with a laser and eleven cities to threaten. You can pick five cities to threaten, some will pay the ransom, and others will be destroyed!

Play this game by clicking or tapping a city, it either reveals a cash amount or an X. The cash is then credited to the readout panels, or the city is destroyed.

You can also hit the Quick Pick button at any time during the round which will automatically play out the rest of the round. Between 1 and all 5 remaining picks will be simultaneously highlighted, then cash or X’s shown, then any cities destroyed.


Magma Meltdown Bonus

If you land four bonus symbols you win the Magma Meltdown Bonus; a free spins game where you have unlimited free spins and all wins are doubled.

The free spins continue until a ‘nuke’ symbol drops on the middle reel, once this happens the drill bores into the core and explodes, and presents the bonus game summary before transitioning you to the main game.


Jackpocalypse Bonus

You are taken to outer space, where Dr Evil and Goldmember are threatening to launch golden meteors towards the cities of Earth. You are presented with a standard 5x3 grid that contains two possible symbols – a golden meteor, which will award money and a blank which is presented as four different image types; two stars, and two asteroid debris.

You get five spins, with the aim of having golden meteors lock into place by the tractor beam running across the center line. If this happens, the city below will now pay a ransom to avoid destruction. The more golden meteors you collect the more money you will win.

In the second part of this bonus, the Earth will rise up presenting you with two cities that might pay double the ransom. When you choose one, an asteroid will come down. The city will then either present double the amount of money and be saved, or refuse and be destroyed.


For information on buttons and basic game functions please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. Theoretical RTP = 95.62%