Ronin's Honour

  • Min stake: 5p
  • Max stake: £5
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: 243
  • Special features: Mystery Mask, Battle Free Spins

You are Ronin – a samurai without a master, cast adrift by the winds of war. Find destiny and honour as you spin on this slot inspired by cinematic classics like Seven Samurai and feudal Japan.

Victory lies around the corner, if you can best the ninja Hannya in combat. His wilds stack to give you a Free Spins boost if he’s defeated – withstand his onslaught and you could win up to 30,000x your bet.

Ready to find your destiny? Play Ronin’s Honour online today.

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Battle Free Spins

Landing 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols triggers the Battle Free Spins feature, plus a payout of 1, 4, or 8 times the bet, respectively. For free spins, the heroine Ronin and the enemy Hannya get 3 lives each. During the round, if a stacked Ninja Wild is not split, Ronin loses a life. If a stacked Ninja Wild is split, Hannya loses a life.

If Hannya loses all 3 lives, the player is awarded 1 enhanced Hannya Free Spin. For this, a stacked Hannya Wild lands on reels 3, 4, or 5. This stacked Hannya Wild sends stacked mystery demon symbols from reel 1 up to the leftmost adjacent reel to the Hannya Wild. Stacked mystery demon symbols reveal three of the same pay symbol type on each reel. Revealed symbols can then be split 3 to 9 ways per reel – max 3 ways per individual symbol. The Hannya Wild can also be split into 3 to 9 ways. Free spins keep going until the player loses 3 lives, Hannya loses 3 lives, or 50 free spins are played. If Hannya loses her last life on the final 50th spin, then a Hannya Free Spin will be awarded.

Mystery Mask

Mystery Mask symbols can land in any position in the base game or during free spins. When Mystery Masks hit, they reveal either weapon pay symbols, royal symbols, or Ninja Wild symbols which fill the entire reel. When pay symbols are revealed, they are always all the same type. Additionally, revealed pay symbols may be split, so they count as 1, 2, or 3 ways. Revealed stacked Ninja Wilds start as 1 way for the reel, and they may be split, so they represent 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 ways.

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 94.20%