Safe Offer Jackpot LuckyTap

  • Min stake: 30p
  • Max stake: £45
  • Jackpot: Yes
  • Paylines: Lucky Tap Mechanic
  • Special features: Multiplier Feature, Progressive Pick Bonus


Get a knack for cracking safes with a play from just 30p. Keep your eyes peeled for the multiplier feature – it might swing by randomly to turn your wins into a multiplier frenzy.

Unlock the Progressive Jackpot by becoming the master safe picker. Keep choosing safes, unveil the treasures hidden within, and don't stop until you've got three matching objects.

Think you can turn your tap combination into cash? Play Safe Offer Jackpot LuckyTap online.

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Multiplier Feature

If 10 or fewer Currency Wins are awarded on any winning play, the Multiplier Feature may randomly be activated.

If the Multiplier feature is activated, a random multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, or x7 will appear. All Currency Wins will be multiplied by the random multiplier.

Progressive Pick Bonus

The Progressive Pick Bonus is initiated if jewels appear when the vault door opens. The player continues picking safes until 3 matching objects are revealed. The Progressive Jackpot corresponding to the 3 revealed matching objects is awarded, either Minor, Major, or Mega.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 94.80%