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Snake Rattle & Roll
Snake Rattle & Roll

Don’t be afraid of the scaly inhabitants of this serpentine slot – they can herald huge reel rewards

  • Min stake: £0.20
  • Max stake: £40.00
  • Max Payout: £250,000
  • Paylines: 20
  • Special features: Charmer Bonus, Board Bonus, Free Spins

A game filled with some of the most unthreatening snakes you’re likely to see – take a trip on the wild side with this charming game.

If you’re looking to scale the pay-table and reap huge rewards in this serpentine slot, you’ll be looking to the plethora of great features to assist – including a Snake Charmer who can fill the reels with sliding wilds. Look out for the board bonus – which calls to mind a classic game of snakes and ladders, before you rack up the free spins and count your winnings.

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How to play

For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.


Charmer Bonus

Midway through a spin the Snake Charmer Bonus could trigger. If triggered the Snake Charmer plays his flute and adds Sliding Wilds to the reels. The Wilds will expand as usual in either direction. When the Charmer has finished playing the reels will stop as normal and the win is paid.

Board Bonus

Trigger To trigger the Bonus Wheel you need 3 or more 'Dice' symbols anywhere on reels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. The more 'Dice' you get the more rolls you get on the Board Bonus:

3 Dice = 3 Dice Rolls

4 Dice = 4 Dice Rolls

5 Dice = 5 Dice Rolls

Board Bonus

The player enters the Board Bonus to accumulate Free Spins and Sliding Wilds before entering Free Spins. On the way the player can collect additional cash prizes, further Dice Rolls, Free Spins and Extra Wilds. If the player lands on a ladder they go up, if they land on a snake they go down.

The Board Bonus ends when the player runs out of dice rolls. Snake Eyes on your first roll gives a chance of the snake charmer running all the way to the Jackpot

Free Spins Bonus Trigger

Upon entering the Free Spins Bonus the player gets to choose the type of Free Spins game he would like. The Free Spins game consists of different numbers of win lines.

Yellow = 20

Blue = 40

Red = 50

Free Spins Bonus

When the Free Spins Bonus starts the player is awarded all the wild symbols he has collected from the Board Bonus - they get added to the reels. A re-trigger is possible if you complete the basket trail (5 baskets required). The baskets are awarded by the 'Basket' symbols landing on the last reel only. The Free Spins Bonus is ended when the player runs out of Free Spins.

Terms and conditions

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. Theoretical RTP = 95.04%


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