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RNG - Superboost Roulette

  • Straight up: 10p - £25 a spin
  • Outside chances max bet: £500
  • Special features: Random odds boosts on single number bets
  • Straight up bet pays 30-1 (including bet)
  • RTP:97.30%


Roulette has been revamped into a Super Boost version. Perfect for new and experienced players alike, this table game is all set and ready to take the thrill to new heights. Supercharge your roulette with our all-new Superboost Roulette, with odds-boosts payouts on up to 5 numbers on each and every spin. You could land from 50x to 1,000x and anywhere in between. For boosted odds applied to random numbers, play Superboost Roulette for the whole roulette experience.


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Random Odds Boost 

You might know that Straight Up Bets pay 35 to 1 when you had wagered on the winning number. On Super Boost Roulette, chances are that the odds are improved! With the Random Odds Boost, Straight Up or Single Number Bets have their odds boosted for even more winnings. Now, this is a reason you should try going for more Straight Up Bets on Super Boost Roulette. 

Classic Roulette Rules 

Super Boost Roulette is an RNG roulette game that follows the classic roulette rules. At the beginning of the round, you should bet on a number or range of numbers. Once the time for betting is over, the roulette ball spins on the wheel. The number on which the roulette ball ends up is declared the winner and all bets are paid accordingly if they feature the winning number.

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