PLAY Tutankhamun


Dare you discover what treasures the pharaoh’s chambers holds?

Take a trip to Egypt and spin your way to glory with this exciting five-reel, 20-payline slot. Win the jackpot by lining up five Pharaoh symbols, and trigger the multiplier feature to increase your winnings!

With a pharaoh’s fortune waiting to be won, there’s never been a better time to play. And now you can hunt for ancient treasure on the go too with our Grosvenor Casinos mobile app.

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How to Play

Starting the game

Bet value

Flash game:

• Select the number of lines to be played (between 1 and 20) and the stake per line.

• The total bet value is calculated by multiplying the stake per line value by the number of lines selected. Example: 0.05 (stake per line) x 20 (lines in play) = 1.00 (total bet value).

• Note: The selected stake per line applies to all selected win lines; it is not possible to stake different values on individual lines.

Pad and Phone games:

• The number of lines is fixed at 20; simply select your total bet value.

• The stake per line value is the total bet value divided by 20.

Start button

Flash game:

• Press the start button to spin the reels.

• At various points during the game the start button can be pressed to speed up transfers of winnings and simultaneously start the next game and skip the jackpot and feature screens.

• Once pressed, start changes to stop. The stop button can be pressed to stop all remaining spinning reels simultaneously.

Pad and Phone games:

• Press the start button to spin the reels.

The Pad game has the additional option to use thumb control start buttons – these buttons can be turned on / off by pressing the tool button and selecting the on / off toggle button.

Auto button

Flash game:

• Pressing the auto button will provide various auto play options.

• Once the desired options have been selected, press the begin button to start auto play.

• Pressing the stop button at any time cancels auto play.

• During auto play, although not advertised, pressing start speeds up transfers of winnings to the paid display and simultaneously starts the next game.

Pad game:

• Pressing the auto button will provide the option to select 10, 25 or 50 auto spins.

• Pressing the stop button at any time cancels auto play.

Phone game:

• Pressing the auto button will start 10 auto spins.

• Pressing the stop button at any time cancels auto play.


Information display

At different points during game play this will show information about the game.

Bet display

This displays the total bet value charged per game.

Win display

At different points during game play this will display:

• Total win line payouts.

• Bonus round payouts.

Paid display

This displays the total paid for a complete bet.

Game views

The game can be played in different views, as follows:


• Full cabinet view.

• Close‐up view of the reels only.

• Press the Real 2 Reel button to toggle between the views.

Pad and Phone:

• Both Pad and Phone games can be played in landscape and portrait view.


Payout pop‐ups – Flash only

Before starting a game, clicking on any reel symbol will display that symbol’s potential payouts for the current bet selection.

Win line payouts

When a winning line is obtained:

• The winning symbols will be highlighted, animated and will be outlined in the win line colour.

• The win line and payout information will be displayed.

• The total amount won will be shown.

If multiple wins are obtained, the wins will be advertised in sequence from the highest through to the lowest. The wins will rotate through until any button is pressed; this will also clear the information display and the win/paid display.

Payout values

Any payouts over the maximum prize (2000 x total bet value) will be ignored.

All win line payouts must appear on an active win line consecutively from the far left reel. Only the highest win per active win line is awarded.

Win line payouts are multiplied by the stake per line value apart from where otherwise stated.

Free spins bonus round

When three or more Bonus scatter symbols (which are valid in any position regardless of the number of lines in play) appear in the window:

• Any coincidental win line and scatter symbols payouts are displayed.

• 15 free spins with a x3 multiplier will be awarded.

• The free spins bonus round will begin, during which:

• The total payout for any wins will be displayed.

• The number of free spins left to play will be displayed.

• All win line payouts are multiplied x3.

• The free spins bonus round can be re‐triggered until the maximum prize is reached.

When the free spins bonus round is complete:

• The total win will be shown.

Note: The maximum that can be won during the free spins bonus round is the jackpot value (2000 x total bet value). Any payouts over this value, or unused free spins, will be ignored.

General information

Random game play

This game is totally random; the odds of getting any particular outcome are always the same and are not based on any other factors or prior outcomes e.g. stake value, previous wins or losses, time of day, account balance etc.

Terms and Conditions

Return to player percentage

The expected return to player (RTP) reflects the theoretical return over a large number of plays. The RTP is expressed as the percentage returned to players in winnings of the total amount staked, e.g. if £1,000,000 was staked and£960,000 was returned, the RTP of the game for that period of play would be 96%.

The expected RTP for this game is no less than 95.39%.

The actual RTP during a playing session can vary widely, in either direction, from the theoretical return.


Game rules and information can be accessed from the game for all formats of the game.


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