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Video Poker
Video Poker

Play up to 20 hands of classic video poker and enjoy great new features.

Choose from Modern or Retro presentation in this simple to play

 • Min stake: £0.25p (1 hand) £5.00 (20 hands)
 • Max stake: £30.00 (1 hand) £600.00 (20 hands)
 • Max Payout: £100,000
 • Special features: Auto Hold, 1 – 20 Hands, Gamble Feature

Enjoy this smooth new way to play Video Poker in the classic Jacks or Better style. Choose from 1- 20 hands to play with, gamble your winnings for double or nothing – and choose from modern or classic presentation.

If you’re still learning or looking to automate your play, you can use the auto-hold button to choose the best cards to keep, in this customisable and easy-to-play take on a true classic.

How to play

For base game instructions and winning hands, please see in-game help menu.


Auto Hold button

This function automatically holds the best hands from the cards presented on the 20 hands available.


Choose how many hands to play, from 1 to 20. This will adjust the total bet.

Gamble feature

After each win, you may gamble your winnings. Select a card and if the next card you select is higher you’ll double your winnings.

Terms and conditions:

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 99.54%


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