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Zappit Blackjack

  • Box limit: 10p - £100
  • Play up to 3 boxes
  • Special features: Swap your cards if the initial deal totals a hard 15 - 18
  • RTP: 98.87%


Welcome to Zappit Blackjack, putting a whole new spin on the traditional game. Exactly like the original, players take on the house looking to reach – but not exceed – 21. But what if your first 2 cards dealt make 15? Or even 18? Or somewhere in between?


With Zappit Blackjack you might be able to dismiss these cards or ‘zap’ them away to be swapped for another 2 cards in a bid to get you closer to making 21, or blackjack. Snap your cards and let them do the talking this time when you try this blackjack variation on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices. 


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Blackjack Rules 

At the start of the game, two cards are dealt with the player and dealer each. Dealer’s cards remain one face up and one face down, while players' cards remain all face up. Based on the hand you get, you can either hit, stand or split your hand to increase the value of the game. The basic aim is to beat the dealer’s hand with a better score without going above 21 points.  

Card Points 

On Zappit Blackjack, cards have the following values. 

Ace: One or Eleven Points 

Two – Ten: Face Values 

Jack, Kings, and Queens: Ten Points 

A hand that comes with a ten-point card and an ace, is known to have hit a Blackjack.  

Zappit Feature 

Players may tap the Zappit Button to discard the cards in their hands and grab two new ones. This can be done only if the hand had a total of 15 to 18 score. The Zappit option is not available if you have already attempted action on the hand. 

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