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Goliath is a large-field, deepstack poker tournament that has grown consistently since it’s conception 10 years ago.

The Goliath 2019 main event saw a total of 9,300 entries, making it the biggest poker tournament in the world, outside of the USA.

This year, we’re delivering the fun, excitement and incredible poker experience of Goliath in an online format.

£300,000 Guaranteed across 15 huge events, featuring a whopping £100,000 GTD main event!


Online Format

Download our new poker software on your preferred device.

Grosvenor Poker is available for download on Windows PC.

Our new mobile app is also available on the App Store and Play Store.

iOS Android

Download our new poker software on your preferred device.

Grosvenor Poker is available for download on Windows PC.

Our new mobile app is also available on the App Store and Play Store.

iOS Android

Goliath Satellites

4 Suits of Play Cards

Satellites are running every single day from now until the end of Goliath. Qualify for every Goliath event for pennies with Grosvenor Step satellites starting from 25p.

£125 Main Event Satellites
Day Time Satellite Buy-in
Everyday 9:30pm Goliath FLIP Sat £1
Mondays 8:30pm Goliath Rebuy sat £5
Tuesdays 8:30pm Goliath Freezeout Sat £30
Wednesdays 8:30pm Goliath Freezeout Sat £30
Thursdays 8:30pm Goliath Rebuy sat £5
Fridays 8:30pm Goliath Freezeout Sat £30
Saturdays 8:30pm Goliath Rebuy sat £5 R/A
Sundays 8:30pm Goliath Freezeout Sat £30 Freeze
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National Online Goliath Schedule

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The National Online Goliath Series will take place from 1st - 10th August, kicking off with ‘The Opener’ at 4pm Saturday afternoon.

Date Time Event Guarantee Buy-in Re-entry
Saturday 1st Aug 4:00pm Goliath #1: The Opener (2-Day) £20,000 £50+5 3-max
Saturday 1st Aug 6:00pm Goliath #2: PKO £10,000 £28+2 3-max
Sunday 2nd August 4:00pm Goliath #3: 25/50 (2-Day) £50,000 £210+15 3-max
Sunday 2nd August 6:00pm Goliath #4: NLH £10,000 £28+2 3-max
Sunday 2nd August 8:00pm Goliath #5: NLH £2,000 £4.70+0.30 3-max
Monday 3rd August 7:00pm Goliath #6: NLH 6-Max £10,000 £28+2 3-max
Tuesday 4th August 7:00pm Goliath #7: Heads-up £8,000 £50+5 N/A
Wednesday 5th August 7:00pm Goliath #8: Deep and Steep £10,000 £28+2 3 Max
Thursday 6th August 7:00pm Goliath #9: PLO £8,000 £50+5 3 Max
Friday 7th August 7:00pm Goliath #10: NLH £10,000 £28+2 3 Max
Saturday 8th August 4:00pm Goliath #11: Main Event (2-Day) £100,000 £115+10 5 Max
Saturday 8th August 6:00pm Goliath #12: 6-Max PKO £10,000 £28+2 3 Max
Sunday 9th August 4:00pm Goliath #13: High Roller (2-Day) £50,000 £530+30 3 Max
Sunday 9th August 6:00pm Goliath #14: R/A £2,000 £4.70+0.30 N/A
Sunday 9th August 8:00pm Goliath #15: Freezeout Finisher £8,000 £28+2 N/A

Player of the Series

If the huge guarantees weren’t enough to whet your poker appetite, we are adding £2,000 in additional prizes for the TOP 10 players of the Goliath tournament series.

Earn leaderboard points for every event that you play. The higher you finish in each tournament, the more points you’ll earn.

At the end of the series we will crown our Goliath ’Player of the Series’, who alongside the respect and admiration of the poker community, will win a £1,000 tickets package.

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Your Questions

4 Suits of Play Cards
How much does it cost to enter? The Goliath series features 15 events of various buy-ins: £5, £30, £55, £125, £225 and £560. The £100,000 GTD main event has a buy-in of £125.
What is the structure of the main event? The Goliath Main Event boasts one of the best structures available in online poker. The blinds will increase every 30 minutes, ensuring plenty of play for your 25,000 chip starting stack. Day 1 will pause at 1am, before resuming day 2 at 2pm on Sunday 9th August.
Is there a late entry period? All of the Goliath series tournaments have a late entry period. The Goliath main event has 13 levels of late registration.
Can a player re-enter if they are knocked out? Players can re-enter the Goliath Main Event during the late registration period (first 13 levels). Players may re-enter a maximum of 5 times.
Can I play the Goliath series on all my devices? The Grosvenor Poker software can be downloaded on Windows PC. Our new Grosvenor Poker app can be downloaded for iPhones on the App store, or for Android users on the Play store. Unfortunately, we do not support a Mac client at this time.
How do I enter or qualify for the National Online Goliath? You can buy-in directly to the tournaments online by finding the tournament lobbies on our software. If you fancy qualifying on the cheap, our satellites run daily. Use the ‘Grosvenor Step’ satellites to go from 25p > £5 > £30.

Take a look into the history of Goliath.

Our ‘Growth of Goliath’ page takes you back through the years, giving you a closer look at how the UK’s favourite poker tournament has evolved and grown.

Visit the Growth of Goliath and get the numbers from behind the scenes of the UK's biggest poker tournament. From previous years prize pools to last year’s first place winner, we have it all.