Golf Betting Odds

Make your way to the tee for golf betting at Grosvenor Sport, where we’ve got the latest golf betting odds on the best golf tournaments from all over the world.

We offer online golf odds on all four majors, The Masters, US Open, The Open Championship and the PGA Championship. And then there’s the Ryder Cup, the Race to Dubai and so much more wedged in.

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Types of golf bets

Whether you want to bet on the Ryder Cup or any of the four majors, you’ll find the following golf bets available at Grosvenor Sport.

Head-to-head bets

With head-to-head golf betting, you pick which of two golfers will perform better in a certain round or across a tournament. The bet is focused on the golfers’ scores relative to each other – the performance of the rest of the field has no bearing on the outcome of your bet.

You’ll win your bet if the golfer you backed gets the lowest score of the two in the round or tournament. If they both get the same score your bet is void.

Outright bets

An outright bet in golf is a simple bet on which player you think will win a tournament. You could wager on Rory McIlroy winning the British Open. Or for the Ryder Cup for example, an outright bet would be a bet on whether Europe or the USA would triumph overall.

You’ll see outright golf betting odds on all the players in a competition before they tee off. But you can also make outright bets as the competition progresses.

Prop bets

A prop bet, or proposition bet, is a bet that doesn’t have an impact on the outcome of the contest. Popular golf prop bets include:

-          The nationality of the winner

-          Finishing positions of specific golfers – top 5, 10 or 20

-          Head-to-head bets

-          Hole-in-one – whether any golfer will get one during a round or competition

-          Cut line – whether a particular golfer will make the cut for the next round

-          First round leader

-          Longest drive

-          Most birdies

You’ll find golf betting odds on all these proposition bets right here with Grosvenor Sport.

Calculating odds

Ready to bet on golf with us at Grosvenor Sport? First, it helps to understand what odds are and how they work.

At Grosvenor Sport, you’ll see all our golf betting odds shown as fractional odds. Say odds of 21/20 for Team USA winning the Ryder Cup.

Let’s look a little closer at what you need to know about golf betting odds.

Calculating implied probability

Implied probability refers to the overall likelihood of a betting outcome in relation to the odds listed. It basically converts the odds into a percentage for the outcome of the bet actually happening. You can use a specific formula to calculate the implied probability from the odds.

It works like this for fractional odds:

denominator / (denominator + numerator) * 100 = implied probability

Let’s look at the example of Rory McIlroy having odds of 9/2 to win the British Open. The equation would work like this:

2 / 2+9 (11) * 100 = 18.18%

The implied probability of the event actually occurring would be 18.18% - which is just shy of a one in five chance.

Calculating payouts

It’s a little simpler to calculate your payout on a bet. Say you bet £10 on the above example of McIlroy winning. On a 9/2 bet you would win 4.5x your original stake – this would be £45. You would then also get your original £10 stake back for a total pot of £55.

To understand exactly what you’ll win from any golf bets, check out our handy bet calculator.

Betting on golf with Grosvenor Sport

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