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The most popular Poker game today, so give it a go!

  • A single deck of cards is used and each player is dealt two cards that only they can see.
  • Five communal cards are also dealt.
  • The cards are dealt in four stages with a round of betting after each stage.
  • After the final round, if more than one player is left in the game, the player with the best Poker hand, using any combination of their own two cards and the five communal cards, wins.
  • See the different winning Poker hands at the bottom of this page.


Join in the latest craze and try your hand at Super Stud Poker.

There are two things to think about when playing Super Stud Poker – how much do I want to stake for my initial bet and is my hand good enough to raise?

  • Place your initial bet in the box marked ‘ante’. If you want to enter into the Super Stud jackpot you need to place another £1 bet on the round marker
  • The dealer will deal you five cards face down, and five to themselves. The dealer’s last card is placed face up to help you make your next decision. This is because the dealer’s hand only qualifies if it contains an Ace and a King or better.
  • If you think you are going to beat the dealer and decide to stay in the game, place your cards face down in the ‘raise’ box and make another bet of exactly double your ‘ante’ bet on top of your cards.
  • If you decide to ‘fold’, you lose your ‘ante’ bet and your extra bet if you have gone in for the jackpot.
  • The dealer shows you their other four cards. If they do not have an Ace and a King or better they will pay out even money on you ‘ante’ bet if your hand is still in play, without disclosing your hand. The ‘raise’ bet is left untouched.
  • If the dealer has a qualifying hand they will disclose your hand and compare it with theirs. If theirs is better, you lose both your ‘ante’ and your ‘raise’ bets. If your hand is better, they will pay you even money on your ‘ante’ bet and a bonus payment on your ‘raise’ according to the odds displayed on the table.

Three Card Poker

Three card Poker is very similar to Super Stud Poker except that it is played with three cards instead of five. The winning card combinations are much the same so check them out and become a Poker whizz!

  • Place your bet on the box marked ‘ante’
  • The dealer will deal three cards to each player and three to themselves
  • Look at your cards and if you want to stay in the game place your ‘play’ bet on the table. This should be the same amount as your ‘ante’ bet.
  • If you want to get out of the game, just say ‘fold’ and lose your ‘ante’ bet.
  • If the dealer’s hand doesn’t have at least a Queen High it doesn’t qualify so your ‘ante’ bet will be paid even money and your ‘play’ bet will be returned to you.
  • If the dealer does have a Queen High, you win evens on both your ‘ante’ and ‘play’ bets if your own hand is better. If the dealer’s hand is better than yours, you lose both bets.
  • You can place an optional separate bet on the Pair Plus box at the start of each game. Just ask the dealer for more information.


Played throughout the world, Roulette really is one of the classics!

  • Place your money or cash chips on the table to collect coloured chips to play.
  • Place your bets on the table.
  • The dealer then spins the ball. If it drops into your number you win – congratulations! You’ll be paid out at the odds shown at the table.
  • If you lose, you’ll have to say goodbye to your chips, but better luck next time!

Poker Winning Hands (best hand first)

  • Royal Flush 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of all the same suit
  • Straight Flush A run of any five cards of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind Four of the same cards e.g. 4 Aces, 4 Jacks
  • Full House 3 of a Kind, e.g. 3 Sevens and a Pair, 2 Two’s
  • Flush All five cards of the same suit, not in order
  • Straight A run of five cards of any suit
  • Three of a Kind e.g. 3 Aces, 3 Jacks

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