Play No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker in one of our qualifying cardrooms to be in with a chance of winning a share of the National Bad Beat Jackpot!

Current Jackpot:


Losing Hand Share: £48,000

Winning Hand Share: £24,000

  Table Share: £8,000

Active Player Share: £80,000

Qualifying Hand : Quad Tens to be beaten

National Bad Beat Jackpot Winners

Jackpot Location Won Date Losing Hand Amount Won Winning Hand Amount Won
£165,000 Southampton Jul-21 Quad Fours  £49,500 - Alan Fenlon Quad Sixes £24,000 - Thomas Lee
£380,000 Sunderland Dec-21 Quad Tens £114,000 - Michael Wharton Straight Flush £57,000 - Adam Smith
£235,000 Newcastle Feb-22 Quad Queens £70,500 - Scott Turner Straight Flush £35,250 - Rob Whitehouse


How do i win a share?

The Jackpot is triggered if a player loses with a very strong poker hand (The Bad Beat!), which meets the qualifying criteria, here’s everything you need to know about the Jackpot:

  • When the jackpot is reset, the qualifying losing hand always starts with Quad Aces
  • Every week the jackpot isn’t won the qualifying losing hand drops, until we get to Quad Twos, e.g:
    • Week 1: Quad Aces to be beaten
    • Week 2: Quad Kings to be beaten
    • Week 3: Quad Queens to be beaten
  • Every week the jackpot isn’t won, £15,000 is added to the Jackpot fund
  • The Jackpot will operate from 6pm – 6am Daily.
  • Both the Winner and Loser of the hand must be using BOTH hole cards to play their best possible hand.
  • If triggered, the National Bad Beat Jackpot will be divided as follows:
    • 30% to the player with the Bad Beat Hand
    • 15% to the player with the Winning Hand
    • 5% to the players on the table where the NBBJ hit, not including the winner or loser of the hand.
    • 50% shared equally between ALL active players playing on qualifying tables in Grosvenor Casinos cardrooms around the UK that have chips on the table at the time that the Cardroom Supervisor is notified that the Bad Beat Jackpot potentially has been won. All players must have been active in at least one hand at this point.
  • FULL T&C’s can be found below!


Where to play?

Use the Poker LIVE App to find your nearest Grosvenor Poker cardroom and all the cash games available + join cash game waiting list feature:


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  • London Victoria
  • Reading South
  • Etc etc

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