Football International Friendly Odds

International Friendly Betting Odds

International friendlies play a key role in the football calendar. Whether you see them as an annoyance that disrupts the domestic football action or you view them as a valuable exercise to hone the team and squad for the next major international tournament, there are plenty of friendly matches every season.

And you can bet on international friendly football right here with us at Grosvenor Sport. You’ll find match betting odds across all international friendlies, whether you want to bet on England, Scotland, Brazil or France.

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Types of international friendly bets

You can bet on international friendly matches across the following betting markets:

Moneyline bets

A moneyline bet is a super simple bet on which team you think will win the match. It’s an American term, but we’re seeing it more and more in betting in the UK.

If Germany were playing France in an international friendly, a moneyline bet is just a bet on either side to win the match.

Goals over/under bet 

With a goals over/under bet, you place a bet on the total number of goals in a match (or half of a match) being over or under a specific amount. You could see odds on goals over 2.5 or goals under 2.5.

If you bet on goals over 2.5 and Brazil beat Colombia 2-1, your bet will come in. The total number of goals in the match was 3, which is obviously higher than 2.5.

Betting on the favourite

Before any international friendly match, you’ll see international friendly betting odds on either of the teams to win the match. You’ll also see odds on the draw. The team with the shortest odds will be the favourite to triumph. Odds are based on a range of factors in international football and the favourite can be decided in a number of ways. Home advantage, FIFA rankings, players, current form and more will all be factored in to decide the favourite.

Remember, however, that the favourite doesn’t always win. In international friendlies, coaches often play weaker teams, try new systems and give new players their debuts. The favourite isn’t always as strong as they would be if this were a tournament match with more on the line. It’s important to consider this when it comes to betting on international friendlies.

Match betting markets

For all international friendlies, you’ll find the full range of international friendly betting markets at Grosvenor Sport. They include:

-          First goalscorer

-          Correct score

-          Half-time score

-          Both teams to score

-          Draw no bet

And if you want to make the action that little bit more exciting, you can also bet live with our In-Play international friendly betting odds.

Popular markets for international friendlies

At Grosvenor Sport, our punters enjoy betting on the following popular markets: 

First half markets

If you want to bet on the first half of an international friendly, you can choose from a range of betting markets. They include:

-          Half-time result – whether a home win, away win, or draw

-          Half-time correct score

-          First-half clean sheet

-          First-half both teams to score

-          First-half total goals – over/under

Correct score markets

When you bet on the correct score, you’ll see international friendly betting odds on a range of different scores. Say, England to beat Scotland 2-1 at 3/1. It’s just a case of predicting what the score will be at the end of the contest and making your bet.

You can bet on the correct score before the match kicks off or as a live In-Play bet while the action happens on the pitch.

Asian handicap markets

With Asian handicap betting, the favourite is given a disadvantage and the underdog is given an advantage. Say England are playing San Marino – it’s usually a thumping for the minnows. With an Asian handicap bet, England are at a disadvantage whilst San Marino have a head start. It could look like this:

-          England: -1.5

-          San Marino: +1.5

You can only choose one of the teams – and a draw isn’t a possible bet with Asian handicap betting. Say you back England to win, they must win by at least two clear goals for your bet to come in. If they won 1-0 (a dreadful result back home), you would lose your bet.

Betting on international friendly football with Grosvenor Sport

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