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3 Card Brag

Fresh from the Casino floor, it's 3 Card Brag!

Enjoy the classic card game how it's meant to be played: in stunning 3D! Customise your surroundings and get stuck in to the action now!

3 Card Brag is based on the popular casino game and is played with 1 deck of 52 cards, shuffled at the start of each game.

3 Card Brag is really two games in one. In the main game you are dealt one hand of three cards which must beat the Dealer's hand to win.

In the additional "Pair Bonus" game, the result and the amount you can win depends only on the value of your hand, no matter what's in the Dealer's hand.

You can play either one of these games separately or both together and you can stake different amounts on each.

Choose your stake from the selection of chips at the bottom left of the screen.

To place your chip(s) on the table, click in the square 'ANTE' bet area and/or in the 'PAIR BONUS' bet circle.

You can choose to play either the main game (by placing an ANTE bet) or the Pair Bonus game (by placing a PAIR BONUS bet) or both.

A chip will be placed in each bet area that you click every time you click on any bet area.

Placing Your Bets

You may place as many chips as you like on each bet area (ANTE and PAIR BONUS), provided that you will still have enough chips remaining to place a PLAY bet during the game, and provided that you do not exceed the maximum stake, which is £1000 each for the ANTE and PAIR BONUS bets (minimum stake is 10p).

You may choose different stakes for each of your bets - just select a new chip value or place multiple chips on each bet area.

The total amount you have staked will be shown in the 'Total Stake' box at the bottom right of the screen.

If you press the 'Double Bet' button, the total bets you have placed so far on ANTE and PAIR BONUS will be doubled.

Press 'Undo' to undo your last action - so if you have removed a chip from the table, 'Undo' will replace it, or if you have just pressed 'Double Bet' then 'Undo' will remove those chips you just added.

If you change your mind and want to start again, press 'Clear All Bets' to remove all chips from the table.

Once you are happy with your bets, press 'Deal' to play the game. Once you have pressed 'Deal', you cannot cancel your bets.

Turbo Bet

Switch on 'Turbo Bet' before you press 'Deal' if you want the cards dealt to be displayed instantly without viewing the animation of the cards being dealt from the shoe.

Play or Fold

Once you press 'Deal', three cards each will be dealt to you and to the Dealer. The Dealer's cards will be dealt face down. Once each hand has been dealt, you will be given the option to Play or Fold.

If you choose to PLAY then a stake equal to your ANTE is automatically placed on the PLAY bet area and deducted from your chip balance.

If receive a hand made up of a pair or better and you placed a "PAIR BONUS" bet, you must select PLAY in order to win that bet.

If you choose to FOLD, you will forfeit your cards and your stakes and the game will end. If you placed a PAIR BONUS bet you will lose your PAIR BONUS stake, even if your hand is made up of a pair or better.

Once you have selected PLAY or FOLD, the Dealer's hand is turned face up. If you have chosen to PLAY, the result will now be displayed.

The Result - Main Game

The Dealer needs a hand including at least one Queen or better in order to qualify to play.

If the Dealer qualifies, then your hand is compared with the Dealer's and the best hand wins the game.
If you win, your winnings are paid to you at this point or your stake is removed if you lose. See the Payout Table below for payouts. 
If the Dealer does not qualify, you win the ANTE bet but the PLAY bet is a push, so your you will be paid out on the ANTE and your PLAY stake will be returned to you. 
If the Dealer qualifies but your hand is better, then you win both the ANTE and PLAY bets. 
If the Dealer qualifies and the hands are tied, then the game is a push, so both your ANTE and PLAY stakes are returned to you. 
If the Dealer qualifies and beats your hand, then you lose both your ANTE and PLAY stakes. 
See below for an explanation of how bets are settled on the PAIR BONUS game. 
Highest 3 of a kind (Prial) is 3-3-3 followed by A-A-A, K-K-K ... etc. 
Highest Run and Running Flush is A-2-3 followed by A-K-Q, K-Q-J ... etc.

Pair Bonus Game

The Dealer does not need to qualify in order for you to win the PAIR BONUS game - this is a separate side bet based only on your hand. If your hand is made up of a pair or better, then you win the PAIR BONUS bet. See the Payout Table below for details of Pair Bonus payouts. You will lose the PAIR BONUS if you fold, regardless of your hand, so you must PLAY after the Deal to win the side bet.

Ante Bonus

If your hand is a Running Flush, Prial (Three Of A Kind) or a Run, you will qualify for an ante bonus win. The Ante bonus is won based only on your hand, so as long as you PLAY after the Deal, it will be paid regardless of the Dealer's hand. The Ante bonus will not be paid out if you Fold. See the Payout Table below for details of ante bonus payouts.

Ante Bets - Pay Table

Dealer does not qualify - PLAY and ANTE stake returned plus ANTE pays 1-1
Dealer qualifies and player wins hand - Both PLAY and ANTE stake pay 1-1
Dealer qualifies and hands are tied (Push) - PLAY and ANTE stakes are returned
Dealer qualifies and wins hand - Both PLAY and ANTE stakes lose

Ante Bonus Payouts

Prial pays 5 to 1
Running Flush pays 4 to 1
Run pays 1 to 1
Bonus Plus Payouts
Prial pays 40 to 1
Running Flush pays 30 to 1
Run pays 6 to 1
Flush pays 4 to 1
Pair pays 1 to 1

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Return to player = 97%

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