We go out of our way to bring you the best promotions and bonuses. Discover some great jackpot slots, with the chance to win big prizes every day. Whether you choose to play our daily jackpots or those from Jackpot King or Mega Jackpots, we’ve got something for every player. We go out of our way to bring you the best promotions and bonuses.

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What are jackpot slots?


If you’re new to online and in-casino slots, you may not have heard of jackpot slots before. Unlike regular slots, these offer the player a chance to win big cash prizes. 

Jackpot slots pay out differently at different times, depending on the type of jackpot. You can choose to play jackpot slots with a range of smaller but more frequent Daily Jackpots, or take a chance on the larger Jackpot King and Mega Jackpots. Many jackpot slots are linked. This means that every time a player makes a bet, the jackpot increases, making the payouts much larger than your average slot game. 

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How do jackpots work?


Whether you have a chance of taking home a jackpot depends on the game and the type of jackpot. More generally, you must spin the reel with the appropriate qualifying bet for a chance to win. Each time you spin, a portion of your qualifying bet is added to the pool. Unfortunately for players, the limit will change every time someone wins, making it difficult to know if the pot is close to paying out. But this is where the fun and element of chance comes in!

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What are the odds of winning a jackpot on slots?


If you’re looking for jackpot slots that pay out more frequently, try the Daily Jackpots and Must-Go Jackpots. They’re available across multiple games and feature a progressive jackpot mechanic.

Mega Jackpots pay out less frequently but are typically worth much more than other jackpots. So if you’re hoping for a big win, go for this type of jackpot. In most Mega Jackpot games, bigger bets increase your chances of winning.

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What is a Progressive Jackpot?


A progressive jackpot is one that grows each time a game is played and isn’t won. Many progressive jackpots grow in size by taking a portion of the bet and adding it to the jackpot total. Once the jackpot has been won, its value resets to a predetermined amount. It then starts to increase with every qualifying play until it pays out again.

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What are Daily Jackpots?


Daily Jackpots are a promotional prize pot that can be won once per day, on top of standard slots and game wins, and is also a progressive jackpot. This means the pot value grows each time a qualifying wager is placed. 

If you’re looking for larger, more regular payouts, you’ll love the Daily Jackpots we have on offer. Join us and play to stand a chance at winning our incredible Daily Jackpots.


What are Must-Go Jackpots? 


The Must-Go Jackpot is another prize that can be won on top of standard wins. The Must-Go Jackpot uses a progressive jackpot-style mechanic, similar to our Daily Jackpot games. This type of jackpot will drop before it reaches a set amount on a per-game basis, keeping you on the edge of your seat every time you spin. It’s available across multiple games and is always advertised alongside the game. 

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What is a King Jackpot? 


The King Jackpot is a prize linked across multiple games and is also a progressive jackpot. For each game linked to this jackpot, 0.25% or more of your stake per spin goes towards increasing the jackpot prize-pool and reserve jackpot. Unlike other jackpots, the starting value (or seed) isn’t affected by each game, but is funded only once per active jackpot. Get in on the fun at our online casino


What is a Jackpot King?


The Jackpot King prize is yet another progressive jackpot that offers players another chance to win a larger cash prize. The jackpot pool is linked across multiple games, with 0.50% and 1.00% of your stake from each spin going towards the jackpot prize-pool and reserve jackpot.

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What are Mega Jackpots?


Play to win the Mega Jackpots progressive prize. The higher the bet you place, the better the odds of winning. Unlike the other jackpots, each spin that doesn’t pay out also has a behind-the-scenes ‘second chance’ draw, increasing the player’s chance of taking home the Mega Jackpots prize. 

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