4 Reel Kings

With 20 winlines you can really cash in when the icons are in the correct combinations. Get money bags on all lines for a truly stupendous jackpot.

There are even better odds for you at Reel Kings: These mini-slots appear either completely randomly or when in a game all of the letters of the word 'Reel King' light up. Up to 5 Reel Kings pay each time you get three '7' symbols. But that's not all: All Reel Kings pay between 5 and 500 fold your bet amount!

Take your 4-fold win chance and let the reels spin!

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This slot machine has 20 paylines. A payline is a line that runs through the reels. They can run horizontally, diagonal or zigzag. If you have bet on a winline, you have 'activated' it. You win on a slot machine if a winning symbol combination appears on an activated payline.

At the beginning of 4 Reel Kings™ select the amount you would like to bet per game. Then with the '+/-' symbol set your bet per line. With the 'Start' button you can start the individual spins, and with the 'Autostart' button the spins run automatically. Clicking the 'Stop' button will end the automatic process.



With the 'Paytable' button you can see your winning overview. Here you can see the calculation of your win possibilities based on the amount of your bet.


Reel King Feature

With the Reel King-Feature you can really clean up with 4 Reel Kings™. After each run up to 5 Reel Kings can randomly appear, or when all the letters of the word '4 Reel' light up in the slot title. They act like little slot machines, with 3 reels and 4 symbols (the '7' in different colours and small diamond symbol). You start the Reel Kings with the 'Start' or 'Autostart' button. The '7' symbols win different amounts depending on their colour: should a diamond show, that Reel King will end. You can continue to play the Reel Kings until all of the mini-slots are eliminated by a diamond symbol.

The return to player (RTP) for this game is 94%.