First Person Baccarat

£1.00 - £5,000.00

  • Special Features: access to 12 tables
  • Box Limit: £1 - £5,000
  • Side Bets: £1 - £2,000
  • RTP: 98.94%

Step into a stylish casino setting when you play First Person Baccarat, our immersive card game experience. Once you’ve chosen your table, watch the lifelike shuffling of the cards and even cut the deck how you want to. Once you’re playing, you’ll find the classic baccarat gameplay and side bets, beautifully displayed with realistic graphics.

In terms of strategy, you can choose which roads to display and even sort the tables by the longest streak, to help you plan your next move. Switching tables is easy, and with customisable colours and other options, this is baccarat played your way.

Try out First Person Baccarat, or try one of our other online table games.