Fruit Warp

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake: £10
  • Max payout: £250,000
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: N/A
  • Special features: Fruit Mode, Mode Meter, Advancing in the Fruit Mode, Mode Rewards, Multiplier Reward, Extra Life Reward

Take on this juicy nine-reeler for superb wins that could see you take home the loot. Get your fruit basket – you’re going on a fruit-filled adventure. This delicious slot features a novel of respins and multipliers. If you manage to hit four of the same kind of fruit, a portal zaps the other fruit out of existence and triggers a respin of those fruit. Think you can take home a couple of zesty wins?

Play Fruit Warp online.

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Extra mode chance

Whenever four fruits of the same kind appear after a spin, the game will respin the rest of the fruits. If a fifth fruit comes up as a result of the respin, a Fruit Mode is won. If two fruit types both have four of a kind, both groups will lock and only a single fruit will respin.

In the event that the game locks a single group on the respin, but four other fruits of the same kind (yet different from the first group) but no mode is won, the game will lock both groups and perform one additional respin of the solitary fruit not part of any of the two groups.

Fruit Mode

There are nine fruit modes in the game (one for each symbol type). The Fruit Mode is triggered once five or more of a single symbol type results from a spin or respin in the main game.

Mode meter

When entering a Fruit Mode, a meter will appear in the bottom part of the game area. The mode meter consists of a series of steps similar to those on found on certain board games. Scattered on the mode meter are several rewards (three multiplier rewards and in some cases hearts). The mode meters are specific for the particular symbol and the placement and values of the rewards may differ from symbol to symbol.

Advancing in the Fruit Mode

The Fruit Mode consist of series of spins, which need to result in at least one symbol matching the symbol that triggered the mode (the “mode symbol”) appear on the screen in order for the mode meter to fill up and the mode to continue. For each mode symbol, the game will light up one more step along the mode meter track. If the entire meter is filled, the mode will end.

Mode rewards

As mentioned in the section on the mode meter, there are rewards scattered across the mode meter. Once a reward is reached (its section being lit up) it is eligible for use.

Multiplier reward

The multiplier reward is awarded once the mode ends. It acts a multiplier on the total amount won so far in the game round. Only the highest multiplier reward will be awarded to the player.

Extra life reward

This reward will, once eligible, act as a safety net in the case a mode spin doesn’t produce a mode symbol. If that happens, the extra life will be expended and cannot be used any more for the remainder of the game round. Any extra lives present.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 97.0%