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Roulette Advanced

Giving you the competitive edge, this popular online game offers a selection of versions, ideal for the experienced online roulette player. New features include Racetrack, Billboard and Special Bets panels, all suited to players looking for an extra challenge.


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Game Theme and Graphics

Roulette Advanced offers the standard branding options available in earlier versions of the Roulette game. In addition, the game provides advanced betting possibilities for experienced players with the introduction of a Racetrack, Billboard and Special bets panel. Using these features players can place French roulette 'announce' or 'call' bets, as well as, view up-to-date roulette casino statistics.


Special Bets

The Special bets panel is used to place French roulette 'announce' or 'call' bets. It opens when players click the Special bets bar. When this panel is open, all special bets available are listed, including Hot and Cold numbers. Players can scroll through the pages of the special bets list using the arrows at the top of the panel. When players move the mouse over a special bet, the game highlights the bet numbers on the table.

In this illustration the Special bets panel, placed above the Billboard, is shown when open and closed. Roulette Advanced also provides a game option to select the Special bets panel to always display.



Roulette Advanced features a racetrack which is placed at the top right of the roulette table. The numbers on the racetrack replicate the sequence of numbers on the European roulette wheel. Players can use the racetrack to place straight bets, neighbour bets and the call or special bets Serie 5/8, Orphan, Serie 0/2/3 and Zero.

Racetrack bets are placed by clicking a specific number or special bet pattern in the racetrack. Chips are placed on the number/s on the table the player bets on. Each x of these bets acts as a straight (one number) or a split bet. In this illustration the player has bet placed a straight bet on number 31 and a neighbour bet with a spread of 3 (the full bet placed is equivalent to 7 straight bets). The mouse pointer remains over the bet and the bet remains highlighted on the table.



An innovative billboard is one of the advanced features available to players of Roulette Advanced. The billboard has two modes: bet-mode and result-mode. In bet-mode, the billboard displays the latest roulette casino statistics as well as offering the two unique bets HOT NUMBERS and COLD NUMBERS. The billboard in result mode displays a picture the pocket and the winning number and the result (winning or no winning).

In the illustration, the Billboard in result-mode displays the winning number 26, and notifies the player that they won €36. The Billboard in bet-mode displays statistics across all of the online Casino's roulette tables for hot numbers, cold numbers, odd, zero, even, red, green, and black numbers.


Betting Help

Betting assistance through highlights and mouse over help inform and guide players when placing bets on the roulette table or through the Special bets panel, Racetrack and Billboard.

In the illustration the player has placed a €200 bet, and is trying to place an additional dozen bet 3rd 12.The numbers 25 to 36 are highlighted on the table and the mouse over help text 3rd 12 Bet €200.00, 3rd 12 bet cannot exceed €200.00 is displayed.


Advanced Autoplay Settings

Roulette Advanced features an advanced autoplay mode that gives players the option to select the number of game spins to play as well as specific conditions when autoplay should be stopped. The following advanced settings are available for Roulette Advanced players:

  • On any win. Stop Autoplay when you win in a round.
  • If single win exceeds. Stop Autoplay when the amount you win exceeds or equals the amount you specify.
  • If cash increases by. Stop Autoplay if cash increases by the amount you specify.
  • If cash decreases by. Stop Autoplay if cash decreases by the amount you specify.



In the following illustration of Roulette Advanced, note the free space on the top of the roulette table. In this space, a company logo can be placed. In addition, the colour of the table cloth can be changed to match the company profile.

This illustration also shows the placement of the Racetrack, Special bets panel, and the Billboard in result-mode. The 'dolly' is also placed on the winning number and the table has been cleared of losing bets.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays. Return to player = 97.30%

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