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Hyper-realistic outcomes you can trust: Clean, crisp layout for first-time players: Advanced bet options for hard-core players: Comprehensive history displays for pattern players:
Terms and Conditions

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

The outside bets (Even, Odd, High, Low, Red, Black, Dozens or Columns) do not cover a zero-green outcome.

The table minimum and maximum bet limits are listed in the paytable.

If the smallest available chip is lower than the table minimum bet, you may place bets with this chip, but you cannot play until the total of all your bets meets the table minimum requirement.

In addition to an overall table maximum limit, there is also a limit for each type of bet. See the paytable for details.

The Controls Bar on the bottom of the game screen displays the current balance in the chosen currency, the amount paid if a win occurs, and the amount bet on the last/current proposition.

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