Over the last 10 years or so, E-Sports have exploded in popularity, going from a niche pursuit to a global industry worth more than $1 billion annually, watched by hundreds of millions of spectators around the world.

There’s never been a better time to get into E-Sports betting. As E-Sports has grown, so has E-Sports betting, with opportunities to follow and bet on E-Sports offered nearly every day of the year. We’re at the forefront of E-Sports betting, so you can rely on Grosvenor Sport to offer you a wide range of E-sports betting options and E-Sports betting odds on the games and tournaments you most want to follow and get involved in.


You’ll find a wide array of E-Sports betting markets offered at Grosvenor Sport, with competitive E-Sports odds. We cover all the major E-Sports competitions and tournaments, such as The International, League of Legends World Championship, Fortnite World Cup and Call of Duty League.

With our easy-to-use E-Sports betting options, you’ll be able to place bets on the outcomes of individual matches across a fantastic selection of games, including which team/individual will win a matchup, the final score, top scoring player, first kill, and more. You’ll also be able to place outright bets on the overall outcome of tournaments and overall performance of teams, with all the betting options you’d expect to see from a world leader in sports betting.

With our simple to use bet calculator, you’ll be able to plan your bets out in advance. Pick your bet type, enter your odds (you can choose fractional or decimal), add your stake, and our calculator will show your potential winnings. You can try out a range of bet types to see how they’ll affect your winnings, to help plan your betting carefully, before you place each of them.


E-Sports is booming, with professional gamers competing in a plethora of multi-million dollar tournaments throughout the world, watched and supported by millions of viewers across the globe. Betting on E-Sports allows you to get in on the action, to add to the excitement and the stakes of the E-Sports competitions you’re watching and the teams and competitors you support. But on top of that, E-Sports are particularly well suited for betting on, as:

E-Sports are played near daily, year-round: With hundreds of tournaments, meet-ups, and matches held throughout the year, you’ll find E-Sports competitions to follow and bet on played practically every day.

E-Sports are easy to watch: Rather than being confined to specific TV channels, E-Sports are usually streamed live for free online on sites like Twitch or YouTube.

There’s a huge variety of games: There is a massive range of games to follow and bet on in E-Sports, from first-person shooters and battle arena games to football games and retro arcade beat 'em ups. Whatever games you like to play and watch, there’ll be plenty of E-Sports action for you to follow.

The ease of betting: With Grosvenor Sport, you’ll easily find betting markets for any upcoming and today’s E–Sports events, with your betting options clearly laid out. The vast majority of the bets on offer will be identical to the bets you’d find for traditional sports, so if you’re already familiar with sports betting, you’ll take to E-Sports betting with ease.


We’re a leader in sports betting, and that’s just as true for E-Sports as it is for traditional sports. You’ll find everything you need to bet on the E-Sports events you follow, with a selection of E-Sports betting markets and up-to-date E-Sports betting odds.

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