Ice Hockey Betting Odds

Whether you want to bet on your favourite NHL teams, wager on the winner of the Stanley Cup or bet on ice hockey in the Winter Olympics, choose Grosvenor Sport.

Our ice hockey odds include outright betting, money line betting, puck line betting, and more. Just sign up for a Grosvenor Sport account today and you can make the most of our ice hockey betting.

What Are Ice Hockey Betting Odds?  

Ice hockey betting odds focus on the chances of a certain bet coming in and help you understand your potential winnings. At Grosvenor Sport, our ice hockey betting odds are shown as fractional odds, but you can change them to decimal to be more in line with betting from the USA.

An example of fractional odds would be 8/1 for the Toronto Maple Leaves to win the Stanley Cup, 9/1 for the Edmonton Oilers, 13/1 for the New York Rangers, 35/1 for the Ottawa Senators, and so on.

If you backed the Oilers and they claimed the Stanley Cup, you would win 9x your stake. A £10 bet would net you £90 plus your original £10 bet. To help understand the odds and your potential winnings on your ice hockey betting, don’t forget to use our helpful betting calculator.

Types of Hockey Bets

You’ll find a range of different ice hockey bets at Grosvenor Sport, including:

Money Line Bets

This is just a simple bet on the outcome of a match. With a money line bet in ice hockey, you’ll bet on which team you think will win an encounter. It could be the winner of one of the matches in the Stanley Cup Playoffs or a Regular Season NHL game.

Puck Line Bets

A puck line bet is ice hockey’s version of the points spread and is a form of handicap betting. When you bet on the puck line, the favourite will start the encounter with -1.5 goals and the underdog will start with +1.5 goals. If you back the favourite to win, they need to do so by at least two goals.

Over/Under Bets

An over/under bet is where you bet on the total amount of goals in a specific match being over or under a certain number.

Proposition Bets

A proposition bet in ice hockey is a bet that isn’t directly related to the outcome or result of a particular game. One of the most common prop bets in ice hockey is on a certain player to score in a big game. For example, Connor McDavid to score for the Edmonton Oilers in the fourth game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Other prop bets include the time of the first goal, the number of goals or assists by certain players in games. You can also bet on long-term prop bets, focusing on the player statistics across the season.

Strategies for Successful Ice Hockey Betting

If you’re new to ice hockey betting or a seasoned pro, you’ll want to:

-          Get to know the stats: Studying team and player form can help with your outright, money line and proposition betting.

-          Listen to the experts: Whether you’re reading online, watching ESPN or surfing social media, there are plenty of hockey experts out there who know their stuff. Listen to them.

-          Get to know the different types of bets: It’s important to know your puck line from your money line.

-          Set a budget: Before you bet on ice hockey, always set a budget and never go over it.

-          Know when to quit: Don’t bet again to try and recoup your losses. If you’ve spent your budget, it’s time to quit.

Betting on Ice Hockey with Grosvenor Sports

Whether you want to bet on your favourite team or player in the NHL, bet outright on the winner of the Stanley Cup or bet on all the top ice hockey leagues from across the world, you can do it all at Grosvenor Sport.

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