Motorsports Betting Odds

The rev of the engines. The battles on the track. The chequered flag. There’s nothing like the adrenaline and action of motorsports.

And with motorsports betting you can add an extra layer of excitement into the mix. With Grosvenor Sport, you’re covered for all the motorsports bets you want to make. You’ll find some of the best and most comprehensive motorsports odds online. Whether you want to bet on F1, MotoGP, British Superbikes or NASCAR.

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Types of Motorsports Betting Odds

At Grosvenor Sport, you’ll find a range of motorsports betting odds including:


Moneyline bets are a super simple bet to make. You simply place a wager on which driver you think will win a race. Before the British Grand Prix for example, you’ll see motorsports betting odds on each of the 20 drivers in the race.

You can place a moneyline bet on Lewis Hamilton finishing in P1 at Silverstone. If he does, you’ll win your bet.

Point Spreads

Spread betting is a way to bet on much more than just the odds of a specific driver winning a race. With points spread we make a prediction on scenarios across the season, as well as individual races.

A spread bet will have two prices: a buy and a sell price. If you think we’ve pitched it too low, you can bet on the higher price. But if you think we’ve pitched it too high, bet on the lower price and “sell” our bet.

You can bet on the points spread for the places of drivers in the Drivers’ Championship in F1, for example, or the places of drivers in MotoGP races.

Totals Over/Under

Over/under markets usually focus on the winning margin of a certain driver. You could place a bet on Max Verstappen winning the Italian Grand Prix in over or under five seconds.


Futures bets are bets you place on a future outcome. Most often this will be on the winner of the title outright at the end of the season. You can place a futures bet on the winner of both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships in F1.

Calculating Motorsports Betting Odds

To understand your potential winnings on motorsports bets, you’ll need to understand the odds.

Calculating Moneyline Odds

For moneyline bets, you’ll see motorsports odds on each of the drivers in a race. If you have odds of 4/1 on Lewis Hamilton winning at Silverstone. You’ll win 4x your bet as well as getting your original stake back.

With a £10 bet, you’ll get £50 in your pocket. That’s £40 winnings and your original £10 bet.

Calculating Totals Over/Under

Over/under bets are also a simple bet to calculate your potential winnings. It could be odds of 2/1 for a win under five seconds and odds of 3/1 for a win over five seconds. Again, if your bet comes in on a win of over five seconds, you’ll win 3x your bet and get your original stake back.

Calculating Point Spreads

This is where things get a little more complicated. Let’s look at the example of an F1 race. Before the race, we predict the outcome and award points for each of the drivers finishing in certain positions. This could be:

Win = 60pts, 2nd = 40pts, 3rd = 30pts, 4th = 25pts, 5th = 20pts, 6th = 15pts, 7th = 10pts, 8th = 5pts, 9th = 3pts, 10th = 1pt.

A certain driver may be quoted in the spread at 16-19. If you think our prediction for that driver is too low, you would buy a bet at 19. If they finished the race in 2nd place, they would win 40 points. In terms of your bet, you win 40 minus 19, which comes in at 21. You would then win 21x your original stake.

If that driver finished in 6th place and got 15 points, you’d lose your bet. Specifically, you’d lose 4x your original stake. This is calculated as follows: 19 – 15 = 4.

The easiest way to calculate your winnings on any motorsports bet is with our betting calculator.

Betting on Motorsports with Grosvenor Sport

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