Snooker is all about concentration, poise, and skill at the table. It makes for a fantastic spectacle to watch and an even better sport to bet on. And at Grosvenor Sport, you’ll find all your essential snooker betting markets and odds.

You can place a bet on the World Championship, the Masters, the UK Championship, and much more. You’ll find outright snooker odds on every competitor in a tournament as well as snooker betting odds for every single match in a competition. You can even bet live In-Play on snooker with us at Grosvenor Sport.

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There are plenty of different ways you can bet on snooker. One of the simplest snooker betting markets is outright betting. This is a bet on which player you think will win a tournament outright, whether the Masters or the World Championship. You can also place an each-way bet on snooker too, which involves a bet on a certain player to win the tournament and a bet on the same player to finish as runner up. Just remember that with an each-way bet, you’re actually making two bets, so your stake will be doubled.

Other popular snooker betting markets include:

•           Match winner: A bet on which player you think will win a particular match

•           Frame winner: A bet on which of the two players will win the next frame

•           Correct score: A wager on what you think the correct score of a snooker match will be

•           Total Frames: How many frames you think a certain match will go to

•           Handicap betting: This gives the underdog an advantage and the favourite a disadvantage by adding a handicap. For example, a handicap of 3.5+ on a player means that 3.5 frames are added to their total score in the game. So if they lose 11-8, they would actually win thanks to their handicap.

•           Number of centuries: A bet on the number of centuries scored in a match or by a certain player across a tournament

You can also bet live In-Play on snooker with us at Grosvenor Sport. Our live In-Play snooker odds include the winner of the next frame, the match winner and plenty more.


There are always loads of snooker tournaments in the calendar to bet on. Of course, the three most famous tournaments make up the triple crown: they are the Masters, the UK Championship, and the World Snooker Championship.

But they aren’t the only snooker tournaments you can bet on with us at Grosvenor Sport. You’ll also find all your essential snooker betting markets for the Snooker Champions League, the British Open, the International Championship, the World Grand Prix, the Shanghai Masters, the European Masters and more.

Whenever a top snooker tournament is on the horizon, we publish all our latest snooker odds for the outrights and match markets on this page. You simply need to pick your chosen snooker betting market, select your stake, and make your bet.


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Whether you want to bet on the Masters, the UK Championship, the World Championship, the Shanghai Masters or European Masters, you’ll find the full range of snooker betting markets right here with us at Grosvenor Sport. 

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