Volleyball Betting Odds

Whether on the sand or on the court, Volleyball is a fast-paced game of skill and excitement. And you can bet on Volleyball right here with Grosvenor Sport. We have volleyball betting markets and volleyball odds for all the top competitions in the world of volleyball.

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Types of Volleyball Bets

Want to wager on beach volleyball? Not sure what bets you can make? These are some of the top volleyball bets.

Match Bet

A match bet in volleyball is a simple bet on which team you think will win the match. Before an encounter, you’ll see volleyball odds for each of the teams. You simply pick your chosen team and place your bet. If your team wins, you win the bet. Simple.

Handicap Bet

Volleyball is a game of sets. In each indoor volleyball match, it’s played over the best of five sets. In each set, it’s the team that gets to 25 points with a two-point difference that wins the match – although the fifth set is played to 15.

Handicap betting enables you to give one team a head start, and one a disadvantage. With a handicap bet, you could bet on the favourite with a -1.5 set disadvantage. If you bet on the favourite, they will need to win the match by at least two sets for your bet to come in. Alternatively, you can back the underdog at +1.5. Even if they lose by one set, your bet will still come in.

Total Points

A total points volleyball bet is a bet that a match will feature a certain number of points. You could bet on the match between Colombia and Serbia featuring +134 points. If 135 points are scored, you’ll win your bet.

Remember that indoor volleyball matches are played over the best of five sets, whilst beach volleyball matches feature three sets. In the former, you’re likely to see more points. On average indoor volleyball matches feature around 136 points. The minimum number of points is 75 – this would mean one team would win each of the first three sets 25-0, which is something that’s very unlikely to ever happen.

Correct Score

This is a bet on the score of a volleyball match in terms of sets. For example, you could bet on Brazil vs USA in indoor volleyball to be won by Brazil at a score of 3-1. Remember, in beach volleyball it’s played over a maximum of three sets. You could bet on the home team winning 2-1 or 2-0 for example.

Set Betting

Rather than betting on who will win the match overall, this is a simple bet on which team will win a set. It could be set 1 or set 3. It’s up to you.

Tournament Bets

Whether you want to bet on volleyball in the Olympics, the World Championships, World Cup or World Grand Prix, you’ll find the best volleyball betting odds at Grosvenor Sport.

Our tournament volleyball bets focus on the winner of the tournament, or the countries to take the medals at the Olympics. You can also bet on individual matches at volleyball tournaments, whether you want to make a handicap bet, bet on the outcome, or correct score.

Volleyball Betting Markets

At Grosvenor Sport, you’ll find volleyball betting across the following markets:

In-Play Betting

Volleyball is such a fast-paced and exciting sport, it’s perfect for live betting. Live In-Play volleyball betting is where you make a bet as the action unfolds on the court or on the beach.

The live volleyball odds change as the contest ebbs and flows, and it’s up to you to predict what’s going to happen next. You can bet on the team to win the next set or the team to win overall. It always adds an extra layer of excitement.


At Grosvenor Sport, our volleyball betting specials cover you for all eventualities on the volleyball court or beach. You’ll find match betting markets – where you can bet on the correct score, points over/under, total points, and more. You’ll also find outright betting and In-Play betting too.

Betting on Volleyball with Grosvenor Sport

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