You can bet on WWE and Wrestling right here at Grosvenor Sport. Simply put, there’s nothing like watching and betting on professional wrestling. There’s the athleticism, the grandeur, the over-the-top personalities, and the costumes. It’s the perfect combination of sporting excellence and soap opera. And it’s even more exciting placing bets on the action as you watch at home.

You’ll find everything you need to bet on WWE and wrestling at Grosvenor Sport. We’ve got a wealth of WWE betting options and competitive odds across all the major bouts and competitions around the globe, from SummerSlam and Survivor Series to WrestleMania and more.

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Whilst the results of WWE wrestling events and matches are determined in advance, that doesn’t mean those of us watching at home know who’s going to win. That’s a big part of the excitement of wrestling, and what makes WWE betting so thrilling. Did you correctly call Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley to win the 2023 Royal Rumble?

But just as with any sports betting, the better you know and understand the sport, the better your chances of predicting results. If you follow WWE closely, you can use your knowledge of the storylines and narrative arcs to make informed bets.


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Betting on WWE and pro wrestling couldn't be simpler at Grosvenor Sport. You’ll see the latest wrestling events here on this page, with their time, date and details of who’s competing. Click on each bet to see more, and to place a stake. Use our bet calculator to work out your potential winnings.

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