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Heroes of Spin

The superheroes are here to save the day, and power you towards big wins with Heroes of Spin

The city of Spinopolis is under threat. But fear not – the Heroes of Spin have you covered. The team of powered up heroes are here to save you from any losses and carry you to the safety of big bonuses and plenty of wins.

Each superhero has a special power, with a bonus feature to match, perfect for protecting your score and maximising your chances of winning big. Meet the crew:

Scorcha with the power to spread wildfire across the reels

Kinetix with the power to move reels by telekinesis

Glaciar with his power to freeze your wilds for multiple spins

Diviso with the power to split symbols into 2, 3 or 4 to increase wins.

Team up with the Heroes of Spin and witness the wins pour in.

Heroes of Spin is an exciting Superhero based slot machine set in the city of Spinopolis!

Step 1: Getting Started

Press the '+' and '-' TOTAL STAKE buttons to select your bet.

On mobile tap the $ button and select a total stake from those listed.

All 25 win lines must be played

Click on the 'MENU' button (three horizontal bars) to view the paytable, which shows the potential winnings for each reel combination and bonus information.

Step 2: How To Play

Press the spin button to start the game. This is the big round button with the circular arrow.

The reels will spin and stop at random.

If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a line of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (starting from the left) on one of the win lines, then you win. Any winning lines you have will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.

Land 3 matching icons on the bonus spinner to the right of the 5th reel to win one of the 5 available bonuses. (NOTE: There are 4 bonus games, the 5th being the 'Super Bonus' which allows you to choose which to play)

The Wild symbol is wild and substitutes for all symbols on the main reels (not including the 6th bonus icon reel).

Malfunction voids plays and pays.

Reel Wins

All line wins are paid from left to right starting with the left most reel.

Line wins are multiplied by the bet per line, which is your total stake divided by 25.

All line wins are multiplied by the value of the line bet and are added together to form the total win.

Symbols must be on a valid win line and be on consecutive reels from left to right starting on the most left hand reel.

Only the highest win is paid on each line.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol can be used to help form line wins by substituting for other symbols (does not include the 6th bonus reel).

Only the highest paying win on each line is paid (for example 3 wild symbols being a win or those symbols being used with another symbol to make a win of 4 symbols will only pay which of those two is the highest).

Auto Play

By selecting autoplay (the small round button with 2 arrows) you can choose to place up to 100 bets automatically, one after the other. Ensure your stake is set to the level you want, then press the autoplay button to open the autoplay panel. Select the number of autoplay bets you want to play and the losses threshold at which you would like autoplays to automatically stop. You may optionally set them to autostop on a single win of a desired size. The symbol to the right of these options will set these limits to 'infinite' (ie no loss/win limits, number of spins only)

Autoplay will automatically be cancelled if you get into any bonus round.

You can stop autoplay from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the stop button. This is the small circle with the square in it that used to be the autoplay button before they were active.

Bonus Icons

Land 3 matching bonus icons on the 6th Super Reel during a single spin to launch a bonus.

Ice icon - The blue ice icon will launch Glaciar's Ice Wild bonus - Flash Freeze

Brain icon - The green brain icon will launch Kinetix's reel shift bonus - Telekinesis

Fire icon - The red fire icon will launch Scorcha's contagious wild bonus - Wild Fire

Divide icon - The yellow divide icon will launch Diviso's line multiplier bonus - Super Splits

Hero icon - The purple hero icon will launch the Super Bonus

Glaciar in Flash Freeze

Ten free spins with the chance of landing Ice Wild symbols that substitute for all symbols and can land at any position on the reels. An Ice Wild will stay in place for between 1 and 5 spins.

Kinetix in Telekinesis

12 free spins with a chance for a shifting reels feature. On some spins Kinetix will use his powers to rearrange the reels and create an improved result.

Scorcha in Wild Fire

8 free spins with a chance of landing contagious wilds. If you land a single wild, Scorcha will ignite it with her powers. It can then spread to adjacent symbols, burning them up and turning them wild too.

Diviso in Super Splits

15 free spins with a chance of Super Splits. On any spin Diviso may use his powers on one or more reel positions. Once activated any symbols landing there will split if they are part of a line win, multiplying the win. The split will initially be into 2, but he can hit the same position up to 3 times, causing symbols to split into 3 and then 4.

Hero Super Bonus

In the Super Bonus you get to choose which bonus you would like to play. During the games you can collect retrigger tokens (the hero icon). If you collect 3, you will win a retrigger and at the end of the game get to choose another bonus to play! You cannot play the same bonus twice, and will not be able to retrigger further games during the 4th and final awarded bonus.

The RTP for the Main Game is 95%

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