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Classic Blackjack
Classic Blackjack

Play up to three hands and activate popular side-bets in this brilliant Blackjack variant, perfect for experts and newcomers alike.

 •  Min stake: £0.10p
 •  Max stake: £2,000.00
 •  Max Payout: £250,000

More options and more hands than ever in this Blackjack variant that allows you to play multiple hands and activate two popular side-bets with Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

All of your favourite Blackjack bets are present and correct with split bets, double down bets and insurance along with the two new options.

Play up to three hands at the same time and increase your opportunities to take down the dealer.

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How to play

For base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is an optional bet, offering players the choice to make a separate wager on whether the two cards dealt will be paired.

There are three types of pairs:

Perfect pair – Matched suits – 30-to-1 win

Coloured Pair – Matched colours 10-to-1 win

Mixed Pair – Matched ranks only 5-to-1 win


21+3 is an optional bet based on the player’s first two cards, plus the dealer’s up card.

The winning 21+3 hands are:

Suited Trips (e.g., Q♠-Q♠-Q♠) 100-to-1 win

Straight Flush (e.g., 7♦-8♦-9♦) 35-to-1 win

Three of a Kind (e.g., 3♦-3♥-3♠) 33-to-1 win

Straight (e.g., 9♣-10♦-J♥) 10-to-1 win

Flush (e.g., 2♥-6♥-10♥) 5-to-1 win

Terms and conditions:

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. Theoretical RTP = Base 99.6%, Perfect Pairs Bet: 96.4%, 21+3 Bet: 96.8%


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