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European Roulette - Gamevy

  • Straight up: 20p - £160
  • Outside chances max bet: £2,880
  • RTP: 97.3%


Enjoy a slick version of the casino classic, Roulette. When you play European Roulette, you can enjoy all the regular bets that you’d find on the casino floor. Place a straight bet on your favourite number or cover more of the wheel with a section bet. Play at your own pace with an elegant soundtrack. This variation is an RNG Online Roulette game, which means the outcomes of the table game are determined by using a Random Number Generator. Enjoy the roulette excitement on any device that you want by trying European Roulette by Gamevy!

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European Roulette Rules 

This version of roulette abides by the classic roulette rules. At the start of the game, you are allowed to wager on any number or range of numbers. After betting time, the ball is hurled into the roulette wheel. The number that welcomes the ball at the end of the spin is declared the winner. All betting options which feature this winning number will pay according to the paytable. 

Racetrack Bets 

European Roulette by Gamevy offers Racetrack betting options for players who want to bet on numbers in the sequence they appear on the roulette wheel. Find Voisin Du Zero, Tiers, and many other options on this useful betting way! 

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