Grosvenor Casino Roulette

  • Min stake: £1
  • Max stake: £50

Take a seat at our prestigious virtual table where a play from just £1 sets the stage for an unforgettable gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the casino floor as the captivating ball dances across the numbers to grant you a chance at mega wins.  

Play Grosvenor Casino Roulette online and unleash the excitement.

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To play roulette, start by placing your bets on the roulette table. Then, wait for the dealer to spin the wheel. As the wheel spins, watch the ball moves around the numbered slots. When the ball finally comes to rest on a number, check if it matches your bet.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 97.3%