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Live Speed Roulette

£1.00 - £5,000.00


  • Straight up: £1 - £250
  • Outside chances max bet: £5,000
  • Opening times: 24/7
  • RTP: 97.3%

If you’ve got the need for speed, then this might be the perfect game for you. In Speed Roulette, each round takes just 25 seconds from spin to spin – a massive 50% faster than standard Live Roulette titles! Our experienced dealers will keep you on your toes for life in the fast lane and you’ll spend more time playing great Live Roulette, instead of waiting on others. Just be ready to think fast.

Think you can keep pace with Speed Roulette?

Grosvenor Casino has many more roulette games waiting for you. Be ready to choose from our amazing selection of Live Roulette tables.

Classic Roulette Rules 

At the beginning of the game, you can select the bets of your choice. You can select Outside Bets and Inside Bets accordingly. Once the bets are over, the roulette wheels spin, and then the roulette ball is released. The ball will turn in an anti-clockwise direction until it loses momentum. It will then fall into a numbered pocket. The number is then declared the winner and all winnings are paid accordingly.  

High-Speed Gameplay 

The fun with Live Speed Roulette is that the rounds are fast! Betting times are controlled and the spin happens pretty fast, giving you the thrill of speed and high excitement of the roulette wheel at the same time.