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Round 1 Round 12 1 mins (Round 1)


$2,454,322* Per second

If the fight ends within 1 minutes, each fighter is expected to earn


$1,044,151* Per second
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1 mins (Round 1)
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Double the odds! T&Cs Apply
With Mayweather's earnings anticipated to be $400 million and McGregor's $127 million* the money made during this fight will be astronomical, that’s for sure. To put it into perspective, take a look at how many times other sports stars would have to win their respective events to earn a similar sized pay check.

Tour De France (Cycling)

Chris Froome would need to win the biggest cycling event in the world over 700 times to earn what Mayweather will. As the event is three weeks long, he’d have to cycle for 2,100 weeks – that’s over 40 years cycling non-stop.


Masters (Golf)

The Masters may be one of the world’s most high-calibre events, but it’s nothing compared to this epic battle. To earn the same amount as Mayweather, Sergio Garcia would have to win the Masters 202 times to come away with the same prize money.

Horse Racing

Grand National (Horse Racing)

To pocket the million-dollar prize money, the Grand National winner would have to race over 97 times to be as well off as McGregor.


Wimbledon (Tennis)

Roger Federer is undoubtedly world-class. However, he might be biting his lip when he finds out that he would have to win Wimbledon over 57 times to make the same as McGregor.


World Darts Championships (Darts)

Michael van Gerwen and Phil “The Power” Taylor might be the top dogs in the darts world but their earnings are nothing but puppy chow compared to Mayweather – they’d have to win the Championships over 819 times each.

Mixed Matial Arts

Conor McGregor’s last MMA fight

McGregor is the biggest MMA star of all time, but his earnings in the Octagon are nothing compared to what he will earn in this battle. His last MMA fight against Alvarez, for instance, saw him earn a measly $3 million. He stands to multiply this 42 times over when he gets into the ring this August. Now that’s a healthy promotion!