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The Unbeatables
Wilder VS Fury

With two perfect records on the line, how will the fight end? Use our career round win tool to predict when it will be settled.

Round 1 End of Round 12 1 mins (Round 1)

Deontay Wilder

Tyson Fury

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Statistic sources: Wilder, Fury.

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Wilder vs Fury Head-to-Head

Deontay Leshun Wilder

Deontay Wilder

The Bronze Bomber

  • Age 33 (22 Oct 85)
  • Record 40 - 0
  • Height 6ft 7in
  • Reach 83in
  • Wins by KO 39
  • Weight Heavyweight
  • Quickest Win 26s v J Ottmanns 26/5/12
  • Avg round of Win 4th

Wilder's Best Performance

Deontay Wilder looked in serious trouble earlier this year against Luis Ortiz in their WBC heavyweight championship fight, after the undefeated Cuban delivered a counter right hook in the seventh round to leave the Bronze Bomber reeling.

The fight seemed to be heading just one way, but the American fought back in the eighth and ninth, delivering signature right-hand blows before brutally knocking out Ortiz in the tenth round, handing him his first ever career defeat.

Wilder was narrowly ahead at the time of the stoppage, but it further proved that the American is never too far away from a ferocious punching combo that can devastate an opponent within seconds.

Wilder's Secret Weapon

Punching power and volume of big hits. The Bronze Bomber boasts an incredible stat of 39 knockouts in 40 contests, and can hit hard with either hand. He’s an unorthodox fighter, which may provide Fury with a challenge and style of boxing that hasn’t experienced before.

Whether or not Wilder will be able to put his punching power to use against a slightly taller and more awkward fighter in Fury remains to be seen. If Wilder is afforded quick, powerful punches then we could see Fury on the ropes early.

Key to Victory

Stamina, landing powerful punches and using his momentum. Wilder has had eight fights in four years, compared to Fury’s six, and he should be sharper heading into the showdown.

If the American can get close to Fury by landing impactful blows, while avoiding speedy jabs from his opponent, then he may be able to secure his 40th career knockout.

Tyson Luke Fury

Tyson Fury

Gypsy King

  • Age 30 (12 Aug 88)
  • Record 27 - 0
  • Height 6ft 8¾in
  • Reach 85in
  • Wins by KO 19
  • Weight Heavyweight
  • Quickest Win 48s v M Ellis 11/4/09
  • Avg round of Win 6th

Fury's Best Performance

While Tyson Fury’s points victory against Ukrainian heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will be remembered for years to come, the self-proclaimed Gypsy King’s second fight against Derek Chisora to set up the bout against Klitschko was a boxing masterclass.

Fury’s sublime tenth round win for the British and European heavyweight titles saw him display graceful movement, effortless switches from orthodox to southpaw and deliver purposeful blows that proved too much for his fellow Brit.

In the end, a series of intelligent jabs in the tenth round caused Chisora too much damage and his team threw in the towel before he could return for the penultimate round. A huge night in the context of Fury’s boxing career.

Fury's Secret Weapon

Height and physical presence is an obvious advantage to Fury, but his mesmerising movement and impeccable timing are attributes that helped propel him to the top of the heavyweight division.

Fury has shown glimpses of these qualities in his return to the ring after a two-year absence, but the real acid test will come when he pits his wits against a hungry Deontay Wilder, who is arguably fighting at his peak.

Fury relishes being the underdog and fighting in the lion’s den. The bout being in Los Angeles could be an advantage

Key to Victory

Tyson Fury has been labelled a ‘clever fighter’ on numerous occasions, and if he can combine his boxing nous with meaningful jabs, while finding a way of stopping Wilder from delivering impactful blows, then he will give himself an excellent chance of defeating the American.

Fury has never been a knockout merchant, so he’ll look to grow into the fight and frustrate Wilder at every possible opportunity. Wilder is likely to come out all guns blazing in the early rounds, but if the Gypsy King can withstand early pressure then he could build confidence and momentum as the fight goes on.