Soldier of Rome

  • Min stake: 10p
  • Max stake:£500
  • Max payout:£250,000 
  • Jackpot: No
  • Paylines: up to 100
  • Special features: Money Burst™ Bonus with Lightning spins, Expanding Wilds, a Free Spins Feature Game and Big Bet options


Travel back to ancient times and uncover great riches when you play Soldier of Rome online. This innovative slot combines Mighty Reels and Money Burst features for dual excitement and plenty of opportunities to win.

The set-up of this game is a little unusual at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a few spins. The game will open with 4 Money Burst Reels with only 1 visible symbol plus 3 Mighty Reels made up of 5 visible symbols. All the reels will spin, with the Money Burst reels stopping first.

Land a winner on the first 3 Money Burst reels and you’ll receive an extra spin on the 4th Money Burst reel. Get a matching symbol here and you’ll trigger the Lightning Spin Bonus feature.

Free spins are also awarded when you get 3 bonus symbols in a win line. There’s also the option to play a ‘Big Bet’, upping your stakes and improving your chances of taking home a bigger cash prize.

Once you’ve conquered Rome, try another title in our range of slots and games  set across the centuries.

Expanding wilds

  • On each of the Mighty Reels are WILD symbols that are 3 positions high.
  • If WILD symbols land completely in view (all 3 positions) within the bottom 5 positions of the Mighty Reels, then they open up the top 5 positions of the Mighty Reels and expand to fill the entire respective reel.
  • If any further WILD symbols are completely in view on the remaining reels, they will also expand to fill the respective reel.


Money burst / lightning spins

  • If the 4 Money Burst Reels contain a symbol match, then the Lightning Spins Bonus is awarded. The bonus will open the top section of the Mighty Reels (as they continue to spin) so that the full 10 symbols are active and completely visible.
  • During Lighting Spins, numerous symbols matching the 4 symbols in the Money Burst Reels are added to the Mighty Reels.
  • The Lightning Spins are played automatically.
  • To avoid game conflicts, it is not possible to spin WILD BONUS symbols on all 4 Mini-reels within the same spin.


Free Spins - Starting the game

  • Spinning three or more scattered BONUS (or WILD BONUS) symbols anywhere in view will trigger the Free Spins Feature game.
  • If the top 5 positions of the Mighty Reels are obscured, only scattered BONUS symbols in the bottom 5 positions will count towards a trigger.
  • If the top 5 symbols have been activated (via Expanding Wild or Lightning Spins Bonus), then scattered BONUS symbols on the full Mighty Reels will be counted.
  • Land 3 BONUS or WILD BONUS (Scatter) symbols to be awarded 10 Free Spins.
  • Each additional scattered BONUS or WILD BONUS symbol above this initial 3 will award an additional 5 Free Spins (i.e. land 4 scattered BONUS symbols and be awarded 15 free spins to begin the game).


Free Spins - During the game

  • Any WILD symbols partially in view will be actioned during Free Spins
  • If the top 5 symbols on the Mighty Reels are activated in any Free Spin, they will be obscured again in the next free spin.
  • It is possible to gain additional Free Spins by spinning 3 or more FREE SPINS BONUS or FREE SPINS WILD BONUS scatters from a single spin (again awarding 10 additional free spins for 3 BONUS scatters, plus 5 extra free spins for each additional scatter).
  • All wins within the Free spins Feature game are cumulative. The Free spins Feature game may terminate before all Free Spins have been used if the cumulative winnings of £250,000 have been achieved.


Big Bet

  • When playing at £20, £30 or £50, you are awarded 5 linked spins of the reels (unless the maximum prize of £250,000 is reached).
  • All wins accumulated during the Big Bet game and are paid at the end of the last spin.
  • Each spin operates using 5 reels with 50 independent win lines (unless stated otherwise).
  • Highest win only paid per active win line.
  • It is possible to trigger the Free Spins Feature during every Big Bet game.


£20 Game

Wild Symbols partially in view on the Colossal-reels will activate the top portion of the reels, and will expand to fill the respective reel.


£30 Game

In addition to the £20 stake advantages, this game removes 4 lower suit symbols (Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade) from the reels.


£50 Game

In addition to the £20 and £30 stake advantages, this game makes the top portion of the Colossal-reels permanently active, with 100 paylines utilised for every spin and every free spin.


For information on symbols and base game instructions, please see in-game help menu.

Malfunction voids all plays and pay. RTP = 97.82%