Welcome to the Grosvenor Poker Loyalty club, we’ve kept it simple and rewarding for everyone playing online with us, whether you play a little or a lot!

You will earn two types of points when you play real money games:

Loyalty Gold Example:

‘AndyHillsPro’ generated 1,240 Status Points in May (£124 in rake/fees) and is currently Loyalty Gold. He will maintain Gold status as a minimum in June and will receive the 1.4x multiplier for his Cash Points all month, allowing him to redeem 28% of his rakeback.

Loyalty Platinum Example:

‘KatieSwiftPro’ generated 8,750 Status Points in May and June (£875 in Rake/fees) and is currently Loyalty Gold earning 28% rakeback. KatieSwiftPro will need to generate another 1,250 Status Points (£125 in rake/fees) in July to reach Platinum status and start earning Cash Points with a 1.7 multiplier and 34% rakeback.

KatieSwiftPro went on to reach 12,000 status points over her 3-month period and will hold on to Platinum Loyalty Status for August, September and October.


Terms and Conditions


  1. Cash Points will expire 12 months after they’ve been earned, should they not be cashed in
  2. Grosvenor Poker’s Loyalty Club and the rewards that can be enjoyed are provided at the sole discretion of Grosvenor Poker.
  3. Grosvenor Poker holds the right to withdraw or change this promotion at any time. In either circumstance, customers will be contacted in advance via available channels to notify of any amendments.
  4. All rewards earned under the scheme prior to the change(s) will be honoured as per the original terms.
  5. Any breach of our general terms and conditions could result in players being removed from the promotion.