Basketball Betting Odds

If you like the action under the hoops, you can bet on basketball right here at Grosvenor Sport with our basketball betting markets and basketball odds. Whether you want to bet on the NBA, the EuroLeague, college basketball or one of the top basketball leagues from across Europe, you’re in the right spot.

We’ve got outright basketball betting, money line betting, win margin betting and more. You can even bet on the NBA MVP with us.

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Basketball Betting Lines

At Grosvenor Sport, you’ll find a host of basketball betting markets or basketball betting lines as they call them in the US.

The most straightforward bet you can make on a basketball match is a money line bet. This is just a simple bet on which team you think will win the contest. Other betting lines include the correct score or half-time score. You can also bet on the margin of victory and whether it’s over/under a certain amount. Handicap betting is popular in basketball too, where one team is given a points advantage and the other a disadvantage.

For individual basketball encounters you can also bet on the player to score the most points or the performance of specific players.

And that’s not forgetting outright basketball betting either. With outright betting, you place a simple bet on which team you think will win a competition. This could be the NBA Championship or the Olympic final.

NBA Betting

The NBA is the most competitive and world-renowned basketball competition and it makes for great betting. At Grosvenor Sport, we bring you NBA basketball betting right through the Regular Season, Play-Offs and NBA Finals.

You’ll find basketball betting odds for every single encounter, whether it’s the Lakers at the Celtics or the Knicks vs. the Heat. We have the full range of basketball betting lines, including money line, correct score, win margin and more.

Our NBA outright betting includes the winners of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference finals. And of course you can make an outright bet on the team to triumph in the best-of-seven NBA Finals series. The side that reigns supreme takes home the Larry O’Brien Trophy and gets themselves a much-coveted NBA Championship ring too. You can have your say on which team it will be.

Our outright NBA betting also includes NBA odds on the Regular Season MVP, the NBA Finals MVP, the Rookie of the Year and the Coach of the Year.

Other Basketball Tournaments

Whilst the NBA might hog all the headlines when it comes to basketball, it isn’t the only competition on court. At Grosvenor Sport, you can also bet on the EuroLeague, college basketball and the top basketball leagues from around the world.

The EuroLeague

Billed as the Champions League of basketball, the EuroLeague features 18 of the best teams in Europe all vying for the crown of European Champions. It includes the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, AS Monaco, Olympiacos and ALBA Berlin.

At Grosvenor Sport, you’ll find the full range of basketball betting markets for the EuroLeague. You can bet on individual matches with our basketball betting lines or bet outright on the team to triumph at the end of the competition.

College Basketball Betting

College basketball is where the majority of famous NBA players cut their teeth before being drafted into the NBA. You had the likes of Michael Jordan at North Carolina, Magic Johnson at Michigan State, Larry Bird at Indiana State, and many more.

And every year college basketball grabs the attention of the American sporting audience, with the next potential NBA stars on show. You can’t beat the action in the NCAA when March Madness comes around every year. It’s one of the world’s best sporting spectacles.

We bring you the full range of basketball betting odds and markets on the NCAA and college basketball.

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