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Poker is considered one of the most popular casino card games across the world. But why is it so popular? Is it the outstanding variations such as Texas Hold’em Poker or the half-skill half-luck rules of the game? Whatever reason lies behind the fame, poker has emerged as a card game worthy of more than a few rounds. 

But what was once only playable in land-based casinos is now available online, also in live dealer versions. And that’s exactly what we’ve got for you at Grosvenor Casinos. With us, you can play Live Poker games where realistic visuals and designs, along with high-tech recording systems, bring you the casino-like poker fun right to your home.

So many people love to play Live Poker with us at Grosvenor Casinos, because it provides the immersive gameplay that gets the players going. It’s just like playing in one of our in-person casinos – except you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.


At Grosvenor Casinos, you’ll experience Live Poker online in one of the most realistic live casino experiences. And with our fully trained live dealers you will feel like you are playing poker at a real Grosvenor Casino. All you need to do is sign up to Grosvenor Casinos, grab a seat and play Live Poker online now.  

Did you know that Grosvenor Casinos offers an exclusive and award-winning poker app? All you need to do is download for free on iOS or Android and you can play Live Poker on your mobile device. 


Live Poker plays just like traditional poker games. It will also depend on which variation of poker you’re playing live, but the basics are the same. In a classic Live Poker game, you are connected to the Live Casino games lobby, where a large range of live table games are available such as Live Roulette and Live Blackjack. Choose poker and the table you want to join. This choice is based on the table limits, minimum bets, and more – everything is in place to provide you with the best possible Live Poker experience.

Once you’re connected to the table, grab a seat and the game begins with the betting round. Some variants offer side bets for special hands, like Three Cards or Perfect Pairs.  

During the betting rounds, players can decide to either fold, call or raise. If no one has placed bets, players can “check” to pass the decision to someone else. If someone bets, everyone staying in the round must equal the bet on the table. 

On some online poker variants, community cards are available that can be used to improve your hand. In the end, a showdown happens where all players reveal their cards. The one with the strongest hand wins the bets.

If you are stuck at any point of your game or need help with rules of the round, the user interface offers many useful guides on how to progress your gameplay. Need some extra pointers on how to play Live Casino Poker? We’ve outlined everything you need to know in our guide to How to Play Poker.  


When it comes to live poker games, the hands are all that matters. Because a good hand determines whether you’ll win or not. A combination of five cards is called a hand, and when you play Live Poker games the player with the strongest hand wins. How do we determine whether a hand is strong or not? Here’s a ranking of the different kinds of hands in poker, from the weakest to strongest.

One Pair: This hand includes a single pair of cards of the same value while the other three cards are different from the paired cards. 

Two Pairs: The name says it all. It is when you have two pairs of cards of the same value.  

Three of a Kind: If you have three cards of the same value from different suits, it is called a Three of a Kind.  

Straight: A Straight is when you get five cards of consecutive values, but they are not from the same suit.  

Flush: Get all the cards of your hand in the same suit for a Flush. 

Full House: Let’s say you have a queen of diamonds, spades, and hearts along with a pair of kings, this is called a Full House. In other words, having three cards of the same value from different suits and a pair is called a Full House.

Four of a Kind: If you get four of the same card from each suit, it is called a Four of a Kind. The remaining card of the hand is called the Side Card. 

Straight Flush: You know by now that a Straight is five consecutive cards as they appear in a deck. A Straight Flush occurs when they are of the same suit.  

Royal Flush: The strongest hand in poker. This one consists of an ace, king, queen, jack, and a 10 of the same suits, which means the highest-ranking cards of a deck of the same suit. 


While playing Live Poker, there is a high chance that you’ll hear some words that you’re unfamiliar with (if you’re a newbie in poker). Here are some poker terms that are used during Live Poker games. 

Fold: You drop out of the round. It is a good move if your hand isn’t good. 

Call: Match the bet placed by another player on the table. 

Raise: You increase the bet of the round.  

Check: You pass the round to another player for them to decide whether to raise, call or fold.  

Community Cards: These are several shared cards that appear face up in the centre of the table. Every player at the poker table can use these community cards to form better hands. Different poker variations change the number of community cards on the table.  


Live Casino Caribbean Stud Poker 

Live Casino Caribbean Stud Poker  takes the classic 5 Card Stud rules and then pits you against the dealer, instead of other players. Caribbean Stud Poker is a straightforward, fast-paced contest between you and our live casino dealer, where the best five-card hand wins. 

Ultimate Live Casino Texas Hold’em Poker 

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em  is a hugely popular way to play classic poker. Here you face off against the dealer, with multiple opportunities to raise. The earlier you raise, the more you can win. Landing a Royal Flush gets you a 500-1 payout, while the optional Bonus Trips Bet gives you further wins on any hand better than Three of a Kind. 

Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker 

A new way to play, this is the popular Live Texas Hold’em Bonus variant of the much-loved traditional game. Pit your hand against the dealer with the best 5-card hand winning. 

One major change is that no betting occurs after the river card is on the table. Along with the progressive jackpot, the bonus bet offers new ways to win. 

Live Casino 3 Card Poker 

Live Casino 3 Card Poker  is a fast-paced poker game, designed especially for casino play. The aim is to try and beat the dealer, with the best hand made up of 3 cards. The dealer’s hand must be ‘queen high’ or better to play, otherwise, you win. 


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